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Robert Love on: MacArthur's View of Korea
Robert Love LOVE: ...What MacArthur saw in Korea, and he says this repeatedly, is that the struggle against the Soviet empire is in Asia, that Truman and Acheson and Marshall had it wrong, that the fighting was on the Korean peninsula against the People's Republic and against the Soviet Union -- that's who he was fighting. That there was no war in Europe, and so the hot fighting front was the principal focus, or should be the principal focus, of American activity. And he saw the build-up in NATO as a rivalry, as an opposing theater, as wrong-headed, in many ways. Because his men, of course, were dying on the front lines. The people for whom he cared very deeply and respected highly, the Korean people, were the ones who were immediately suffering this horrid Chinese-inspired war. And there's an analogy between that and the way he deals with the southwest Pacific theater and the Filipinos: personalizes it, he sees that anyone who opposes his vision is in somehow a rivalry or somehow opposes him, and is wrong-headed. And he tends to exaggerate greatly the degrees of difference. On the other hand, that sense that he was right, that he was on a mission, that providence moved him, is in many ways accountable for his remarkable accomplishments.

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