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Michael Schaller on: How Will MacArthur be Remembered?
Michael Schaller Q: How do you think history should remember him?

SCHALLER: I think they should remember him as a man who achieved many things and because of, if you want to get classical, hubris, ambition, resentment, most of what he had accomplished in a positive sense was undone.

He was a man who clearly led the Army during the Great Depression and kept it as a fighting force together in a period of terrible economic distress. Who as a military commander in the Pacific War against Japan, parlayed limited resources and opportunities into a solid record of achievement. He was someone who, during the occupation of Japan, took a battered nation and through inspiration and organization helped it recover greatly. I think those are the positive things one can remember him for.

More negatively, I can think of reasons for being much more critical. His leadership during the Korean War, for example. His provocation for a war against China, the risks he took as much for political reasons as for those of his own vaulting ambition to seek the Presidency I think endangered both national interests and ironically ruined, in a sense, his own solid reputation as a commander.

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