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Kenneth Ray Young on: Pinky's "Networking"
Kenneth Ray Young Q: You'd also written how carefully she begins to cultivate the powerful . . . and she remembers all the names of the officers who served with her husband and when he rose to influence she never hesitated to kind of call in a debt.

YOUNG: I think what Pinky began to recognize is, as her husband rose in the ranks, she as the socializer could also prove to be a great assistance to her husband's career and later on to her son's career by making note of the people that they worked with and associated with and who she could contact for assistance. And therefore I visualize Pinky in the office with three by five cards putting down names of everyone and their children and their grandchildren's names and if any of these people ever rose to influence, she indeed would write to them. I'm often disappointed that more of her husband's papers didn't survive because I have a feeling that they also wrote to him for assistance. I don't think Pinky is as unique in this networking as everyone tends to emphasize. I think in organizations like the military and even, you know universities, there's this tendency to network and to condemn Pinky for being a networker is somewhat unfair.

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