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Yoshida Yutaka on: Japanese Sense of War Responsibility
Yoshida Yutaka Q: What effect did this have on the Japanese people's sense of responsibility for the war, the fact that the Emperor did not step down?

YOSHIDA: What MacArthur indicated to Japanese people as far as his understanding of Japanese history is as follows: "Only a handful of criminal minded military personnel are the most responsible for the invasion and occupation. They led the Emperor and his subjects through a blind alley without informing them of the truth. Therefore, they are also the victims fooled by the military."

His expression of his understanding of Japanese history was very comforting and acceptable to the Japanese population. As a result, without the thought of the fact that Japan as a country was responsible for the war, or Japan was the aggressor, the Japanese people began to believe that they were the victims of the war.

If the Emperor abdicated, it woud have been possible that more serious arguments could have been brought forth regarding the Emperor's war responsibilities. But by not pursuing the Emperor as the supreme head of the country and being responsible for the war more seriously, the subject of his war responsibilities was, in fact, shelved away among the Japanese.

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