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MacArthur's Letters to Jean During World War II

October 15, 1944 -- General Headquarters, Southwest Pacific Area
Dearest Jeannie

I am just finishing up a long day which started with a four hour air trip from Washington arrived there after a not too tedious journey and I rounded out 300 hours this morning in an easy flight of four hours. I was glad to leave Washington -- it was like looking at the skeleton of an old friend. I am sending you a blossom from there which I plucked as I left it forever.

Up here everything seems to be going fine. Phil LaFollette told Larry the news he did not write was from his brother the Senator who said that if I took Manila he intended to put through a resolution giving me the thanks of Congress. Pretty nice and the highest honor that can be bestowed.

We are leaving tomorrow after breakfast. Sutherland is going along although I do not know his future plans. Everything is well coordinated and I am hopeful all will go well.

I miss you both and send you all love and devotion. Each day now that I am gone brings a day nearer our reunion. Tell Arthur Pap rode in a big plane today -- bigger than the General -- and is riding in a big boat tomorrow -- bigger than any of his boats. God bless you both.

Sir Boss

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