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Various telephone messages


These were telephone calls we received re MacArthur controversy.

Vernon Robertson, 9461 Broadway, Baltimore, MD. (Pa. Barbership, Balt.) very indignant re President's removal of MacArthur and says "tell President to get out of town -- do something now or get out of town."

Harry Phomen or Don Singletary Jr. 921 W. 33rd St., Baltimore, Md. protests recall of MacArthur and thinks President should step down and make MacArthur President. (gave operator one name and rlk another)

Mrs. Groucho Marx, Canoya Park, Calif. -- protests removal of MacArthur -- very indignant

Mrs. Henderson of Washington, DC says the removal of MacArthur is a terrible blow to all the mothers of the country. She has two sons in Korea and she wonders if they will come back safe. Says she has always been a Democrat but thinks the Korean situation should be put before the party. Requests that he pray a little more.

Mrs. Rierdon of Covington, Va., thinks the President is a traitor to his country because of the removal of MacArthur. Says "as of now I am a Republican".

Mrs. Eva Scott, 8949 Ohio Ave., Detroit Mich., feels President is wonderful man and should be respected as such, but he should also reconsider and call MacArthur back to duty.

Mr. Joseph Buegeleisen of Detroit telephoned and wanted the President to have the following message: "Your removal of General MacArthur was necessary if we are to maintain our form of Government. We applaud you. Sgd. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Buegeleisen, 3308 Glendale, Detroit, Michigan." He said he wanted the President to know that they were behind him before he went on the air.

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