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Truman vs. MacArthur

MacArthur and Truman In the spring of 1951, a ferocious debate dominated American headlines and dinner table discussions as no other issue had for decades. Whether it was called the "Korean Problem," the "MacArthur Controversy," or simply the "Great Debat," the two sides were clearly drawn: President Harry Truman vs. General Douglas MacArthur.

Should President Truman have relieved General MacArthur? Who better understood the situation? Would MacArthur's policies have ended the war in Korea sooner, or would they have risked World War III? If you are old enough to remember this time, what did you think? If you weren't around, imagine that it's April 1951 -- who do you think was right?

Register your opinion in the following poll, then see what people thought in 1951.

Truman vs. MacArthur
Do you think President Truman was right or wrong in dismissing Gen. MacArthur?




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