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Film Credits

Produced and Directed by
Orlando Bagwell

Written by
Steve Fayer
Orlando Bagwell

Judy Richardson

Jean Tsien

Alfre Woodard

Line Producer
Meredith Woods

Associate Producer
Denise A. Green

Director of Photography
Michael Chin

Associate Editor
Sandra Marie Christie

Assistant Editor
Karen McMullen

Original Music Composed and Arranged by
Camara Kambon

Photo Researcher
Michele Marie McKenzie

Sound Recordist
Felipe Borrero

Assistant Camera
Frederick V. Nielsen III

Sound Editors
James H. Nau
Maura E. Shea

Additional Sound
Francis X. Coakley
Eric Nolson
Sekou Shepard
J.T. Takagai
Russell Williams II

Additional Camera
Larry Banks
Robert Shepard

Additional A.C.
Henry Adebonojo
Christopher Hall
Regi Kimball

Sound Mixer
Grant Maxwell

Audio Post Production
Sync Sound

Post-Production Facilities
DuArt Film and Video

8mm Film Transfer
Brodsky and Treadway

Animation Camera
Frame Shop

Negative Cutter
Stan Sztaba

Film Researcher
John Grybowski
Julia Browne Figuereo
Sabita Kumari-Dass

Post-Production Supervisor
Alison Bassett

Production Manager
Michael Dick

Film Archivist
Katy Mostoller

Music Rights Coordinator
Rena Kosersky

Principal Academic Advisors
Thulani Davis
Dr. Vincent Harding
Prof. William Strickland
Dr. James Turner

Research Consultants
Ivanhoe Donaldson
Karl Evanzz
Peter Goldmann
Robert Hayden
Zak Kondo
Paul Lee
Manning Marable

Robin Espinola
Rachel Harding
Melissane Parm
Saundra Sharp

Research Assistants
Gregory Hunter
Daisy Jackson
Andre Namphy

Apprentice Editors
Ralph Richard Destin
Barnard D. Jaffier

Production Assistants
Jaison Greene
Leila Fergus
Maceo Bishop
Terlonzo Amos

Audubon Crew
Dale Nielson, Location Manager
Ahmed Ali, Security
Mark Booker, Production Assistant
Frank Diaz, Program Driver
Fred Floyd, Swingman
George Harrington, Generator
Keith Ingram, Production Assistant
Steve Lynch, 2nd Grip
Karim Murad, Set Production Assistant
Nestor Reyes, Key Grip
Willie Roach, Props
Pam Stephens, Prop Manager
Derrick Still, 2nd Grip
Kati Toho, Set Production Assistant
Jon Mitchell, Goffer

Special Acknowledgements
Carrol Parrot Blue
James A. DeVinney
Madison Davis Lacey
Charles Scott
Eyes on the Prize Teams

Afro-American Archives
Archives Photos and Films
AP/Wide World Photos
BBC Lionheart Television
Bettman Archive
The Big Fights, Inc.
Black Image
Black Star
The Boston Globe
The Boston Public Library
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Canadian Broadcasting Company
CBS News Archives
Central Independent Television
Culver Pictures
Detroit Dept. of Police
Fox Movietone News
Robert Huggins
Moorland-Spingara Center, Howard University
Kalamazoo Psychiatric Hospital
John F. Kennedy Library
William Klein
KRON Television
Leavenworth Photos
Library of Congress
Life Magazine
The Los Angeles Times
Magnum Photos
Massachusetts Dept. of Corrections
MCI Norfolk
The Muslim Journal
National Archives
NBC News Archives
The Amsterdam News
The New York Times
Ocean Press
Abdul Aziz Omar
Eiko and Komo Otake
Gordon Press
Pathfinder Press
Petrified Films, Inc.
The Pittsburgh Courier
Playboy Magazine
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Dr. Abdul Soloom
Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, The New York Public Library
The Ernie Smith Collection
Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities
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UCLA Film and Television Archive
University of California, Berkley
United Press International
The James Van Der Zee Collection
Mike Wallace
Fitzergald Whitney
Alice Windom
Minister Woodrow
Worldwide Television News Library

Special Thanks
Versil Babcock
Florentine Baril
Robert Bebee
Muriel Feelings
Gerald Gill
Eric Jackson
Stanley Jones
Priscilla King
Celia Lee
Robert Little
Christopher Rabb
Percy Sutton
Frank Tomlinson
Jenny Washington
Susan Bein Collection
Ella and Rodnell Collins
Belva and James Cotton
Judge Stanley Malone
New York Economic Development Corp.
Ruth M. Batson Educational Foundation

Billy Pierce
Charles Craig
Camara Kambon
Reuben Rogers
Adonis Rose
Taku Hirano

Civil Rights Production, Inc.
Jack Mendelsonn, Pres.
Sabrina Perry, Admin. Asst.

Executive Producer for Blackside, Inc.
Henry Hampton

Produced in association with BBC and with the participation of SBS-TV.

Executive Producer
Mark Samels

A Blackside, Inc./Roja Production Film for American Experience. Copyright 1994. WGBH Educational Foundation. All Rights Reserved

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