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Haunani-Kay Trask (1:04)
Stories About the Massie Case

We lived for a while in my grandfather's house here in Kaneohe. He was a territorial senator for, I think, two and a half decades. And they talked about it, my parents and all of their friends that would come to the house when there was some victory, for example, political victory. Then we'd have big luaus at our house. And I was about maybe five or six and I would hear what they had to say, and what they always said was that this man, Kahahawai, was murdered by haoles and they got away with it. And that's what I took until I was in high school and then began to learn more about the circumstances. But we grew up hearing about how the military, which the Fortescue and Massie people were, and they were here by the thousands on Oahu and they could go anywhere and do anything they wanted. So it was there in the very farthest back of my memory.

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