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Primary Sources: An Aggravating and Frightening Experience

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A viewer of public TV's timely interview with Malcolm X asks whether anyone will reply on the air to Malcolm X's comments about Jews.


Dear Sir:

It was quite an aggravating and frightening experience listening to Malcolm X & his hate creed where he singled out the Jews particularly. It also becomes quite frustrating in that you wish you could be there to answer factually his unsubstantiatied anti-semitic diatribes.

Your words of disassociation with what he stands for, were therefore particularly welcome to my husband & me.

I would be interested in knowing if you planned to have someone qualified, to answer his charges -- one by one -- "Jewish Press" -- the "all Jewish medias" -- "Jewish exploitation" & their presence in Negro organizations for reasons of Jewish guilt!

I already heard from Benj. Epstein & and his opinion that this diatribe was a part of the Black Muslim hatred of all whites. I am a member of the B'nai Brith & am happy with most of its work, but have had much occasion in the past and now to note that they often minimize danger signals until many other groups have already recognized them & much damage has been done.

Thank you again for what you said and I do hope there will be a further rebuttal.

Would appreciate hearing from you.


Edythe Ziment
Red Bank (Lincroft), N.J.


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