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The John Scopes Trial
There Ain't No Bugs
Can't Make a Monkey of Me
Bryan's Last Fight
Monkey Out of Me
Monkey Business

Bryan's Last Fight

Listen now all you good people
And a story I will tell.
About a man named Mr. Bryan
A man that we all loved so well.

He believed the Bible's teaching
And he stood for what was right.
He was strong in his conviction
And for them he'd always fight.

Now he's gone way up in heaven
Where he'll find an open door.
But the lesson that he taught us
It will live forevermore.

When the good folks had their troubles
Down in Dayton far away.
Mr. Bryan went to help them
And he worked both night and day.

There he fought for what was righteous
And the battle it was won.
Then the Lord called him to heaven
For his work on earth was done.

If you want to go to heaven
When your work on earth is through
You must believe as Mr. Bryan
You will fail unless you do.

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