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Crew Conversations

NASA installed "squawk boxes" in the homes of the Apollo 8 astronauts, so their families could listen in on communications between mission control and the capsule as it traveled thousands of miles across space.

The three astronauts also recorded their conversations with an onboard tape recorder.

Listen to excerpts from Apollo 8's onboard recordings.

Astronaut James Lovell during intravehicular activity 1. Teamwork: The moon below, Shooting Earth rise, Double umbra, Where are we?
2. Visual Observations: Holes and bumps, Scouting landing sites, Red star, Airglow
3. The Apollo 8 Mission: Staying on schedule, Communications systems, Capsule vs. simulator, Reentry
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Want your own squawk box? Launch the Command Module Radio to stream a selection of short Apollo 8 clips from your desktop.

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