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The moon below (0:17)

Shooting Earth rise (1:46)

Double umbra (0:44)

Where are we? (0:21)

Where are we? (Transcript)
December 24, 1968 -- Day 4

Anders: Wait a minute. Where in the hell are we?

Borman: Confusing...

Lovell: We're pitching down this way.

Anders: We aren't doing anything -- are we? Are we maneuvering?

Lovell: No, we're not. We're holding steady, but --

Borman: Here, let me show you...

Anders: Yes, that's right; we're not 90 degrees from our burn place yet. If we're 90 degrees from our burn place, we'll be looking straight at the moon.

Lovell: We're over here.

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