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Holes and bumps (0:37)
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Scouting landing sites (0:40)
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Scouting landing sites (Transcript)
December 24, 1968 -- Day 4

Borman: I hope that all of you back on earth can see what we mean when we say it's a rather foreboding horizon. A rather...

Anders: Stark, maybe.

Borman: Stark and unappetizing sort of place...

Anders: Is this our landing site we're going over now?

Lovell: Yes, this is our landing site right down here.

Anders: We're now going over our...

Lovell: Approaching our landing site.

Anders: Approaching one of our future landing sites...

Lovell: Right now.

Anders: ...selected in this smooth region to...

Lovell: Called the Sea of Tranquility.

Anders: ... called the Sea of Tranquility, smooth in order to make it easy for the initial landing attempt in order to preclude having to dodge mountains.

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