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Holes and bumps (0:37)
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Airglow (Transcript)
December 27, 1968 -- Day 7

Anders: Got a lot of lightning down there, so you'll probably have something.

Borman: I got the old... Bill never saw that.

Anders: What is that?

Borman: Or did you notice? That's the haze level.

Anders: Airglow?

Borman: Airglow. Good old airglow is what's --

Anders: I'll look at the airglow next time.

Lovell: That's right, you've never seen the airglow. Take a look at it.

Borman: You can't get your pin without seeing the airglow.

Lovell: That's right.

Anders: I see it, I see it! (laughter)

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