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Primary Sources: The Doctor is Missing

Newspaper headline - 'Dr. George Parkman' Boston Evening Herald
Fourth Edition
Wednesday, Nov. 28 [1849] - 2 P.M.

Affairs About Home.
Dr. George Parkman. The apprehensions for the safety of Dr. Parkman increase as the time since his disappearance increases. No authentic accounts have yet been given of his having been seen since Friday afternoon. Several persons, whose testimony it is difficult to disprove or doubt, state that they saw the Doctor about 3 o'clock, P.M., on that day, one in Tremont street, and one in Merchants Block, which is not altogether inconsistent with his having been seen just previous to that hour at East Cambridge. A man answering in many respects the appearance of the Doctor, entered the refreshment establishment of Mr. Campbell, on the entrance of the village of East Cambridge, at 3 P.M. on Friday, and there asked what time the hourly came along for Boston. He was told that it had just gone over to Boston and would not go again for half an hour, he was then advised by the young man in the shop, to go to the hotel near by, and take the hourly there, as it started.

He then left the shop with a view of going to the Point to take the omnibus for Boston, and was not seen afterwards. Nn [sic] Tuesday it was reported by a drover at Brighton that he had seen a very strange man at Palmer, Mass. Descriptions of the doctor, and an officer of the Police, was sent up to ascertain the truth of the statement, and upon going to the hotel where the man stopped, ascertained that it was a man from Boston about the same age as the doctor, but the man proved to be another person. Yesterday afternoon word was sent to the police that a man resembling the doctor's description was seen to enter a house in Cambridgeport, but the story proved without much foundation. It was also reported that a gentleman of this city had seen the doctor wandering about in the woods at Woburn, but no positive belief can be attached to the thousand rumors concerning the man's having been seen since Friday at 3 P.M.

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