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A Midwife's Tale

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What Mrs. Foster told Martha
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December 23, 1789
My testemony was that mrs Foster on the 19 of augus Complaind to me that Shee had Shee had [sic] receivd great abuses from people unknown to her, Such as throwing Stones at her house, Striveing to get in & lodg with her. after relating those abuses Said that was not the worst Shee had met with Since mr Fosters absence, but Shee hoped they would not quite kill her, that htey Could do nothing wors that they had unless they killed her. Shee also Said that Said North had abused her wors than any other person in the world had, but Shee believd it was best for her to keep her troubles to her Selfe as mutch as Shee Could till her Husband returnd which Shee hop wd be soon Shee also Complaind on the 25 (if I remember the day aright) of said Norths treating her wors that any other person had & Said he did go after an other woman besids his own wife & that his wife was jellous of him relating to the Chargs She now Lais. Shee Seemd Exceedingly troubled when Shee related her tryals, but not being aus any question for information did not descend to particulars at that time, which was the last ime I Converst with her while her husband was absent.
You can view the diary in its entirety at DoHistory, a site dedicated to the story of Martha Ballard and the process of exploring history through the use of primary sources.

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