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A Midwife's Tale

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A severe storm
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April 24, 1789
Birth of Eben Hewins Dag, receivd 8/. A Severe Storm of rain. I was Calld at 1 h PM from mrs Husseys by Eben Hewen. Crosst the river in their Boat, a great Sea A going. we got Safe over, then Sott out for mr Hewens. I Crost a Stream on the way on fleeting Loggs & got Safe over. wonderful is the Goodness of providence. I then proseeded on my lourney. went beyond mr Hainses & a Larg tree blew up by the roots beofre me which Caused my hors to Spring back, & my life was Spared. great & marvilous are thy spareing mercies O God. I was assisted over the fallen tree y mr Hains. went on, Soon Came to a Stream, the Bridg was gone. mr Hewin took the rains, waided thro & led the hors asisted by the Same allmighty power. I got Safe thro & arivd unhurt. mrs Hewin Safe Delivd at 10 Evng
You can view the diary in its entirety at DoHistory, a site dedicated to the story of Martha Ballard and the process of exploring history through the use of primary sources.

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