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Gallery: American Nobel Economists

Awarded for the first time in 1969, the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Science is the Johnny-come-lately Nobel Prize. Since its beginnings, the prize category has been heavily dominated by Americans or by foreign scholars working in the U.S., including, in 1994, John Nash.

Meet the Nobel laureates in economics who call America home. (Complete profiles of all Nobelists appear on the Nobel Foundation's Nobel e-Museum Web site.)

American Nobel Economists
1970s 1970 - Paul Samuelson 1971 - Simon Kuznets 1972 - Kenneth Arrow 1973 - Wassily Leontief 1975 - Tjalling C. Koopmans 1976 - Milton Friedman 1978 - Herbert A. Simon 1979 - Theodore W. Schultz
1980s 1980 - Lawrence R. Klein 1981 - James Tobin 1982 - George Stigler 1983 - Gerard Debreu 1985 - Franco Modigliani 1986 - James M. Buchanan, Jr. 1987 - Robert M. Solow
1990s 1990 - Harry M. Markowitz, Merton H. Miller, William F. Sharpe 1992 - Gary S. Becker 1993 - Robert W. Fogel, Douglass C. North 1994 - John C. Harsanyi, John R. Nash, Jr. 1995 - Robert E. Lucas, Jr. 1996 - William Vickrey 1997 - Robert C. Merton, Myron S. Scholes
2000s 2000 - James J. Heckman, Daniel L. McFadden 2001 - George A. Akerlof, A. Michael Spence, Joseph E. Stiglitz
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