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New Orleans
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New Orleans Times-Picayune -- Special Report
A special five-part report, published in 2002, on the vulnerability of New Orleans to hurricane damage

New Orleans Times-Picayune -- Archive of Katrina Coverage
Archives of Hurricane Katrina coverage from the local newspaper that won the 2006 Pulitzer Awards for Public Service and Breaking News for its reporting on the disaster.

Louisiana State Museum
Learn more about topics in Louisiana history on the Web site of the Louisiana State Museum in New Orleans. The site features online exhibits and a large collection of audio, video and photographic artifacts.

Greetings From New Orleans
The Web site of photographer Justin Lundgren describes his art project that involves photos, prose, the kindness of strangers and the U.S. postal service.
The official site of the Louis Armstrong House & Archives has biographical information and streaming personal recordings made by the jazz legend.

New Orleans after the Flood: Photographs by Robert Polidori 4773-8FF7-B1EE1CDD00A9%7d
Robert Polidori travelled to New Orleans and took pictures of the city following Hurricane Katrina. His photographs as well as an audio commentary by the artist can be found on the website of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Explore the history of jazz. Hear great moments in jazz recordings, read biographies of jazz greats, a timeline and much more on this companion Web site to the PBS series.

Kate Chopin: A Re-awakening
Find a chronology of New Orleans writer Kate Chopin and e-texts of her novel The Awakening and short stories.

The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow
Explore segregation from the end of the Civil War to the dawn of the modern civil rights movement on this companion Web site to the PBS series.

Eyes on the Prize
Read about the civil rights movement, watch video clips, listen to music and peruse hundreds of photographs from 1954-1985.

Fatal Flood
See film footage of that the Mississippi River flood of 1927 and compare that flood with the 1993 flood. The site chronicles the natural disaster in 1927 Mississippi that pit white landowners against their African American tenant farmers.

Reconstruction: The Second Civil War
Watch the TV program or see mini-documentaries on topics in the history of Reconstruction. Explore primary sources and hear historians discuss the important issues of the period.

Web Sites | Books

For works of fiction about New Orleans by writers based in the area, see Writing New Orleans.

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New Orleans American Experience

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