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Careless Love (4:21)

W.C. Handy
Performed by:
Wooden Joe Nicholas from "Wooden Joe Nicholas" recorded 1945

That starts out with the improvised blues. It's the blues, strictly the blues, you can hear the instruments all coming in at different times. It's very stirring to see the band doing it. Then they go into the theme of "Careless Love" and improvise on it.

Jazz is not a sophisticated music. It's hard-hard-nosed music. It's music that you have to get down and get with it. It wasn't played for polite society, it wasn't played on George Washington's Day when they were pouring the tea in the Boston bay. This came from the South where things were lowdown and dirty and that's the way it was. New Orleans jazz is a heartfelt form of music.

Obviously, our music was very complex, you have the various rhythms taking place in jazz bands and the improvisations, it wasn't what they call "nice-nice" music. It's very difficult music to play, and it's totally American.