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I Ain't Got Nobody (4:44)

Roger Graham, Spencer Williams
Performed by:
Wooden Joe Nicholas from "Wooden Joe Nicholas" recorded 1945

"I Ain't Got Nobody" is a pop tune of the day, but when it's done New Orleans style it's completely different. It has the improvisation. The trumpet plays the melodic line, and there are variations, of course, because he's playing it his own way, he's not playing it straight. He may change it [sings staccato: I-ain't-got-no-bo-dy] or [sings iain'tgotnobody] add slurs, and the trombone's doing his fill ins and the clarinet's doing the obligato and between them you have a full frontline there. But they're all doing their thing there, following the trumpet doing the lead, and the drum and bass are keeping the beat, with the easy feeling that you get in New Orleans.

They are not skilled musicians, but they have a deep feeling for the music. In New Orleans style the heart is closer to the surface.