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Dill Pickles (2:26)

Charles L. Johnson
Performed by:
New Orleans Ragtime Orchestra from "The Essence of New Orleans Jazz"

Ragtime came out of the Missouri area with Scott Joplin. It's more of a structured music. All the music was called ragtime. You can tell ragtime when you hear it. It's not the free-for-all like jazz. It's more sophisticated, more polite. Jazz was growing in New Orleans and ragtime in St. Louis. There are a lot of different styles in traditional jazz. You have the Harlem stride style, you have the barrel-house style, boogie-woogie. It was all part of what came out of New Orleans.

We just have a good time. Down in New Orleans, we just enjoy it. We went to dances. Dancing was a very important part of jazz music. People like to dance. and that's why it came about.