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Web Site Credits

Director of New Media
Maria Daniels

Content Producer
Jack Cheng

Anna Malsberger

Project Coordinator/Podcasts
Ravi Jain

Stewart Smith

Editorial Researcher
Nancy Farrell

Photo/Archive Research
Anna Fort

Design Production Assistant
Dan Nolan

Jen Holmes

Teacher's Guide
John Springer

Julia Feldberg
Katie Fitzgerald
Alannah Sharry

TV Program Credits

Directed, Written, and Produced by
Robert Stone

Edited by
Don Kleszky and Robert Stone

Line Producer
Hazel Gurland

Original Score by
Gary Lionelli

Principal Photography
Howard Shack

Second Unit Photography
Nelson Hume
Robert Stone

Additional Photography
Justin Schein
Sandi Sissel

Supervising Sound Editor
Coll Anderson M.P.S.E.

Sound EFX Editors
Stephen Barden
Mark Filip

Assistant Sound Editor
Matt Snedecor

Re-Recording Mixer
Coll Anderson M.P.S.E.

Academic Advisor
Robert Dallek

Historical Consultant
Edward Jay Epstein

Archival Consultant
Gary Mack

Archival Research
Hazel Gurland
Robert Stone

Additional Research
Jeff Krulik
Joseph P. Harris

Graphics And Effects Design
Brian Mitchell, Managing Director
John Leamy, Creative Director
Bennet Lieber, Head of Productions
Chase Massingill, Designer

On-Line Editor
Lawrence Mercer

Mike Maguire

Color Correction & Mastering
Du-Art Film & Video, New York

Audio Post Production
C.A. Sound, New York

Bono Film & Video, Arlington, VA

Legal Services
Ben Feldman, Esq.
Epstein, Levensohn, Bodin, Hurwitz and Weinstein, LLP

Producer's Representative
Jane Balfour Services, London

Production Intern
Natalia Rodriguez

Archival Sources / Footage Courtesy of
ABC NEWS Video Source
AP Images
Archive Films and Image Bank Films by Getty Images
Assassination Archives and Research Center
Ollie Atkins Collection, George Mason University
Hugh Aynesworth Collection
BBC Motion Gallery
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Jack Daniel Film
John F. Kennedy Presidential Library
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NBC 5 / KXAS Dallas - Fort Worth
Last Hurrah Books
Library of Congress
Louisiana State Archives
Lyndon B. Johnson Library
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National Archives
NBC News Archives
Tina Towner Pender Film
Polaris Communications, Inc.
James Tague Collection
Time & LIFE by Getty Images
The WPA Film Library

The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza:
KRLD-TV / KDFW Collection
KTVT Collection
WFAA Collection
Elsie Dorman Film
Robert Hughes Film
Frank Marotta Film
Orville Nix Film
George Reid Film
Jackie Tindel Film
Abraham Zapruder Film

Special Thanks
Laurie Austin
Hugh Aynesworth
Rex Bradford
Megan Bryant
Priscilla Johnson McMillan
Melissa Cohen
Deborah Marine
Colleen Cooney
Robert Dallek
Edward Jay Epstein
Brad France
Todd Gitlin
Senator Gary Hart
Chris Harvey
Tom Hayden
Mark Lane
Gary Mack
Norman Mailer
Frank Mankiewicz
James Mathis
Dan Rather
Larry Schiller
Art Simon
Congressman Louis Stokes
James Tague
Josiah Thompson
Kyla Wilson
Andy Winiarczyk

Mozart Requiem
"Lacrimosa" "Requiem aeternam" "Rex tremendae"
Conducted by Riccardo Muti
Performed by Patrizia Pace, Waltraud Meier, Frank Lopardo, James Morris
Swedish Radio Chorus, Stockholm Chamber Choir, Berliner Philharmoniker
Courtesy of EMI Records Ltd. Under license from EMI Film & Television Music

For American Experience

Post Production
Greg Shea
Glenn Fukushima

Series Designer
Alison Kennedy

On-line Editor
Spencer Gentry

Sound Mix
John Jenkins

Series Theme
Mark Adler

Production Manager
Nancy Sherman

Jay Fialkov
Maureen Jordan

Project Administration
Susana Fernandes
Pamela Gaudiano
Sherene Ing
Vanessa Ruiz

Nancy Farrell
Anna Fort
Ravi Jain
Anna Malsberger
Stewart Smith

Director of New Media
Maria Daniels

Brand Director
Sarah Montague

Jen Holmes
Lauren Prestileo

Series Editor
Susan Bellows

Senior Editor
Paul Taylor

Series Manager
James E. Dunford

Coordinating Producer
Susan Mottau

Series Producer
Sharon Grimberg

Executive Producer for BBC
Nick Fraser

Executive Producer for American Experience
Mark Samels

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