American Experience
Early Years: Pivotal Decisions
Pivotal Decisions: Who Should Clean The Lab?

You chose Choice Three, which is what actually happened. Blalock resolved the housekeeping problem and gave Thomas the day off to straighten up the lab.

"There was a short period of complete silence, then [Blalock] slowly rose from the desk, hesitated a moment and said slowly and deliberately, "All right, you take a day off and get this place cleaned up." He left the laboratory in a brisk walk. From the tone of his voice, I had the feeling that something was going to happen. I spent the next day leisurely cleaning the laboratory and making a thorough job of it. After this, my laboratory and office were always clean when I arrived. I never knew how it was accomplished."
                     -- Vivien Thomas, in his autobiography


Blalock will be assured that the appropriate person properly maintains the lab.
He won't have to negotiate with Thomas for extra pay to perform these tasks.
He will demonstrate respect for Thomas' position and his regular duties.


Thomas will be taken away from lab work for another full day.
Blalock will have to persuade Poth to change his attitude and make certain that the work is done, further straining their relationship.
The work may not get done properly on a continuing basis.

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