American Experience: Partners of the Heart
Breakthroughs: Protest and Resistance

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Yes. Yes. Definitely. And one of the reasons why I see it as unfinished is because persons look at the physical things. They look at the fact that you can go to a theater and you can go to a movie. And you can sit on the front of a bus. And you can go down and buy a car that you'd like or a house in neighborhoods and all of this.

But we lost our children. The generation behind us did not have a movement, meaning they didn't see a need to fight. So, therefore, I'm looking at a whole generation of people who cannot find a major cause.

And yet, they're there. I can see them. They're invisible, but I can see them. We can see them. But they can't. We didn't teach them there was a cause. There's always a cause.

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