American Experience
Early Years: Pivotal Decisions
Pivotal Decisions: Should Thomas And Blalock Work Together?

You chose Choice One. You think Thomas should turn down the offer and keep searching for better-paying carpentry work.

He knows he needs to make more money than Blalock is offering to build up his savings for school. He also feels hopeful that carpentry jobs will pick up again in the spring.


Thomas can make more money, faster, when work becomes available.
He is good with his hands and comfortable with carpentry work. His father and uncle are both carpenters.
In segregated Nashville, he will continue working on a familiar side of the color line with other blacks.


There are few job openings at present. Thomas will not be able to save enough money to enroll in the next semester's classes.
Although Thomas cannot foresee just how bad things are, the October crash is destroying the economy. This is just the beginning of the Great Depression, which will cause banks to close in a few months and wipe out his savings.

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