American Experience
Early Years: Pivotal Decisions
Pivotal Decisions: Should the Thomas Family Move To Baltimore?

You chose Choice One, which is what actually happened. Thomas continued working with Dr. Blalock and moved his family to Baltimore.

"We had never visited Baltimore, nor did we know anyone living there, but we felt that if we moved there and did not like the city and/or its living conditions, or if my working situation was not satisfactory, we could always return to Nashville. Believing that we didn't have much to lose, that we were young and hopefully had many years ahead, we made the decision to move to Baltimore and to Johns Hopkins."
                    -- Vivien Thomas, in his autobiography


Thomas enjoys the exciting work he will continue doing with Blalock.
After ten years together, Thomas and Blalock know each other well and have developed a strong work-centered bond.
Because of his affiliation with Johns Hopkins, if drafted for military service, Thomas will probably be placed with a medical unit.


Thomas will have to move his family and raise his children in a new, unknown city.
His family will be leaving friends and relatives behind.
The housing situation is Baltimore is very tight, and his salary will not go as far.

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