American Experience: Partners of the Heart
Early Years: Living with Segregation
Kwame Lillard:  video | transcript

I knew we had old textbooks. I could see the old textbooks from other white high schools, like the math book or the algebra book, clearly a hand-down. I knew it came from Litton High School, a big white high school in East Nashville. I knew it was a little raggedy. But the Pythagorean Theorem is ancient. It's all in that book anyway. So, you learn the material to fight with, to hell with how old the book is. It's the material in the book. And our teachers told us that, to look past the age of that book. Don't worry about it, where it comes from. That's a game to try and throw you off, you know. And it didn't work. We got the information. We got the knowledge. We got the information from our teachers who told us, you got to be prepared, son.