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Partners of the Heart
The Film and More
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Early Years
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Consult the further reading page for a list of books and Web sites related to Partners of the Heart.

A number of people appeared on-camera or acted as consultants and are listed below. See the complete film credits for more information.

On-camera interview subjects
Robinson Baker, surgeon
Sylvia Belkov, mother of a "blue baby"
Betty Blalock, Alfred Blalock's daughter
Dandy Blalock, Alfred Blalock's son
Gwen Manlove Clark, Thomas family friend
Denton Cooley, surgeon
Nat Crippens, Nashville resident
Koco Eaton, Vivien Thomas' nephew and surgeon
John Egerton, author and historian
William Grose, surgeon
Alex Haller, surgeon
Jacob Handelsman, surgeon
Ray Heimbecker, surgeon
William Longmire, surgeon
Bobby Lovett, historian
Andrew Manlove, former Vanderbilt technician
G. Wayne Miller, author and historian
Joe Moore, historian
Lou Rosenfeld, surgeon
Richard Scott, surgeon
Fraser Smith, Baltimore Sun reporter
Valeria Spann, Vivien Thomas' niece
Rowena Spencer, surgeon
Clara Thomas, Vivien Thomas' wife
Levi Watkins, surgeon
Alan C. Woods, surgeon

R. Robinson Baker, M.D.
Denton A. Cooley, M.D.
Don Doyle, Ph.D.
John Egerton
Elizabeth Fee, Ph.D.
J. Alex Haller, Jr., M.D.
Alan Kraut, Ph.D.
David McBride, Ph.D.
Reavis Mitchell, Ph.D.
John Parascondola, Ph.D.
Joseph Reidy, Ph.D.
Richard N. Scott, M.D.
Levi Watkins, Jr. M.D.
Charles Reagan Wilson. Ph.D.

Creative consultants
Toni Ann Johnson
David Taylor

Executive consultant
Glenn Dixon

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