American Experience
Early Years: Pivotal Decisions
Pivotal Decisions: Should Lab Animals Be Used for Testing?

You chose Choice One. Blalock should stop using dogs for medical experiments.

Blalock realizes that increasing public antagonism and government involvement will create too much of a problem for Hopkins. It might be best to find another way to test new surgical techniques.


No more dogs will be subjected to injury in Johns Hopkins' experimental labs.
By placating the antivivisectionists, Blalock is able to keep similar organizations from intervening in Hopkins affairs in the future.
As a leading hospital, Johns Hopkins' decision not to use animals for experiments could set in motion a series of other hospitals following suit, which could have an overall positive effect on animal welfare.


Many operations that are being developed using animal experimentation are hampered. Some must be completely abandoned.
Hopkins is no longer at the forefront of the medical community in innovation. Other schools such as Harvard or UCLA will most likely become the new major medical universities.

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