American Experience
Early Years: Pivotal Decisions
Pivotal Decisions: Should Lab Animals Be Used for Testing?

You chose Choice Two. Blalock should simply ignore the antivivisectionists and continue to use animals for medical purposes.

The general public will not understand the details of why dogs are important for medicine. There is no reason to waste time better spent in the operating room and the lab.


Johns Hopkins continues to be one of the most important hospitals in the medical community, especially in cardiac medicine.
Several procedures, including a more efficient blue baby operation, will move closer to completion.
Physicians are not accustomed to being questioned and should not bow to outside pressure to curtail their successful experimentation.


With their criticisms unanswered, the anti-vivisectionist organizations may grow even more vocal.
Hundreds of letters arriving at government agencies might result in officials restricting the use of animals in experiments in the near future.
The public discussion will be shaped by the protesters, not the medical professionals.

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