American Experience
Early Years: Pivotal Decisions
Pivotal Decisions: Should Lab Animals Be Used for Testing?

You chose Choice Three, which is what actually happened. Blalock addressed the antivivisectionists and tried to prove that animal experiments were useful and necessary.


By replying to criticism, Blalock will show he is a reasonable person, not an evil and inhumane torturer of poor animals.
By showcasing the blue baby surgery, Blalock can show how dog experimentation is necessary to save hundreds of children's lives.
Appearing before city councils and congressional hearings might prevent the government from restricting vivisection.


Valuable time is lost in the lab -- time that could be used to perfect the blue baby operation and to create new procedures.
There is no guarantee that addressing the issue will avert the anti-vivisectionist movement. Despite their efforts, Hopkins may still be forced to cut back on animal experimentation.

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