American Experience
Early Years: Pivotal Decisions
Pivotal Decisions: Should Thomas Attend Blalock's 60th Birthday Party?

You chose Choice Three. Thomas should stay away from the birthday party.

Aware that not receiving an invitation was no oversight, Thomas refuses to go where he is not invited.


Thomas will not have to face the public shame of exclusion or pitying glances from his peers.
He will not cause a public disruption during Blalock's moment of glory.
Thomas has worked beside Blalock since the early shock experiments. He knows the true story of their partnership, and will tell it in his own way when the time is right.


Denied public recognition or even acknowledgement, Thomas may harbor strong resentment at his treatment. He may turn these feelings inward.
Thomas has not been daunted by these kinds of social limitations before, and now he won't be present for the honoring of Blalock's career.
Blalock has been very ill, and it may be the last public event of his life.

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