American Experience: Partners of the Heart
Today: Meet the Filmmakers
Andrea Kalin:  video | transcript

I think that the legacy of Partners is that it challenges you to look at your world in a different way, it challenges you to see personally how would you be able to transcend the difficulties and the challenges that a Vivien Thomas perhaps had to endure. How do you, now knowing his story, look at the political and personal legacy of racism in this country, what we were, what we would have been, what we lost. How do you see an alliance between two men as tumultuous as times as it was, how did they transcend their differences and be able to actually collectively leave something together, that was much stronger than either could have done apart. And so I think that the legacy is to have people dialogue about these issues, both the personal issues and those on a larger level, and get people to start talking about things that are difficult and raw, because if we are to overcome specifically some of the strictures and constraints that this story points to, if we are to move on from that, then we really do need to be able to confront what the story has to say.