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Students & Teachers: Dr. Levi Watkins on Vivien Thomas

  A Protégé's Perspective | Questions & Answers

In 2002, over 200 science minded students from Baltimore gathered on the campus of Johns Hopkins Medical Center to hear from an African American medical giant. One of the nation's top cardiac surgeons, Dr. Levi Watkins, mesmerized, cajoled and often challenged the young teens with the story of his journey as a heart surgeon and civil rights activist.

The occasion for the gathering was the acknowledgement of one of Dr. Watkins' heroes: Vivien Thomas.

Dr. Levi Watkins
Video: Dr. Levi Watkins
Dr. Levi Watkins
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See video excerpts from Dr. Watkins' presentation:

  1. "Shake it fast... show me what you're working with!"
    -- Levi Watkins on the inspiration of Vivien Thomas
  2. "Lift yourselves so high..."
    -- Levi Watkins on struggle and the power of resilience

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