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Web Sites | Books

Minute Man National Park
The official Web site of the National Historic Park includes maps of the area and information on visiting the site of the "shot heard round the world."

Paul Revere House
The home of Paul Revere is now a historical museum on Boston's Freedom Trail.

The Old North Church
Visit the Web site of Boston's historic Christ Church, part of the Freedom Trail and site of the lanterns hung to alert the midnight riders on April 18, 1775.

Arlington Historical Society
This local history organization houses its collections in the Jason Russell House, site of the bloodiest fighting on Patriots Day. Check their Web site for an online tour of the house, plus information about historical recreations.

Concord Museum
This museum in Concord, Massachusetts has been collecting artifacts for over 150 years. Visit their Web site to learn why Concord is so important in American history, and to see collection highlights, including Paul Revere's lantern.

Tour Lexington
Visit the town of Lexington's visitors' Web site for information about historic sites, museums, and events.

New England Ancestors
The New England Historic Genealogical Society exists to help people trace their New England heritage. The Web site includes articles on popular research topics.

Colonial Williamsburg
An extensive resource on 18th-century history, the Colonial Williamsburg Web site offers information on gardens, fife & drums, clothing, archaeology, and more.

Battle Road
This site includes schedules of upcoming events related to Patriot's Day, and links to the Web sites of participants in the annual re-enactment.

The Lexington Minute Men
The reenactors' group of this society is called the Lexington Training Band.

His Majesty's Tenth Regiment of Foot, American Contingent
A British reenactment group.

The Sudbury Minutemen
Another colonial militia reenactment group in the Boston area.

King's Own Light Infantry
Another British reenactment group.

18th century New England Life
This site is an excellent source on the social and domestic aspects of the 18th century, including suggestions and sources on creating period costumes.

The Concord Fight
Browse a collection index of articles on 18th century local history from Concord Magazine.

Web Sites | Books

Fischer, David Hackett. Paul Revere's Ride. New York: Oxford University Press, 1994.

Galvin, John R. The Minute Men: The First Fight: Myths and Realities of the American Revolution. 2nd edition, revised. Washington: Pergamon-Brassey's International Defense Publisher, 1989.

Murdock, Harold. The Nineteenth of April, 1775. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1925.

Tourtellot, Arthur B. Lexington and Concord: The Beginning of the War of the American Revolution. First published as William Diamond's Drum, 1959. New York: W. W. Norton, 2000.

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