Patriots Day
Reenactor 101
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"It's a very peaceful, quiet way to spend a weekend -- even though there's a battle."

Name: Linda Boardman Liu
From: Lexington, MA
Age: 38


Name: Paul Duval
From: Lexington, MA
Age: 45

'It's a very peaceful, quiet way to spend a weekend -- even though there's a battle.'-- Linda Boardman Liu, 'It wasn't just the men who were the heroes and the patriots, or the people that suffered that day. Whole families were involved.'-- Paul Duval
Bring Your Family

Reenacting is a great family activity. Kids, parents and grandparents can share the experience at weekend encampments or events like Patriot's Day.

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Step One: Know Your Neighborhood
Explore your town's history. Visit the local library to track down information about interesting historical spots nearby.

reenactors"After I moved to Lexington, I saw the reenactments and then drove down to Williamsburg for the school holiday... The first thing they do in Colonial Williamsburg is give you an orientation film which starts off in Lexington and Concord. I thought, 'Why am I paying this money for something I can do for free in my own backyard?'"
-- Paul Duval

"I'm a native of Lexington, I've seen recreations all my life. I was in it as a child when my father was a minute man."
-- Linda Boardman Liu

Step Two: Include Everyone
Share the reenacting experience with your family.

reenactor with child"What I really enjoy is the family participation that we've gotten out of it... It's fascinating for me to see how -- avoiding the anachronisms of modern day history -- you spend the day with a two year old."
-- Linda Boardman Liu

"My kids have experienced first hand what it was like to see a column of close to 600 regulars march through town. It's a very awe-inspiring sight. When they talk to the other kids about that, they add their little bit about the history. You can tell that there is a level of excitement."
-- Paul Duval

Step Three: Do Something Different
Recognize the ways everyone in your family can participate, and appreciate how different reenacting is from the other activities in your lives.

"We have modern, fully booked schedules -- very busy lives... It really is a matter of commitment... It's hard to get the kids up out of bed at seven o'clock to go to school, but it's not so hard to get them out of bed at three thirty in the morning to go down for breakfast with the minute men."
-- Paul Duval

"You join it on your own as opposed to something all of your classmates are in. It's more independent for a kid to make a decision to join a group like that -- kids like to do things that are kind of challenging, but fun."
-- Linda Boardman Liu

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