Patriots Day
Reenactor 101
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Name: Wayne McCarthy
From: Waltham, MA
Age: 53

'You can learn any of the stuff that we do.'
Get Involved

You don't have to be a descendent of a colonial rebel to act like one. Learn how the Lexington minute men convert a 21st-century observer into an 18th-century revolutionary.

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Step One: Meet People
Visit recreations like the Patriots Day demonstration on Lexington Green. Talk with people there about getting involved.

Parade"At the Patriots Day parade in Lexington, I happened to see [a man I know] marching down the street in uniform. And it was like, 'Oh my God! That's Dan.' ...I went over to him and began asking him questions. I was totally fascinated."
-- Wayne McCarthy

Step Two: Ask Questions
Schedule an interview to make sure you know what you're getting into. A reenactor will tell you about the time commitment, costs and roles you might portray.

"It's a voluntary organization. You explain that up front: you tell them what the costs are going to be, you tell them where they're going to be Saturday mornings at 4am, that you have to get up and drive to Chatham and march in a parade at eight... We feel that it's better to let someone know up front than to find out after."
-- Wayne McCarthy

Step Three: Get the Overview
Get oriented to understand more about your role and your new company.

talking with troops"We try and give members an idea of what the different ranks are, who outranks someone else and what their function is, what their responsibility is. We do the best we can with the orientation to make the people feel comfortable."
-- Wayne McCarthy

Step Four: Research the Details
Choose a character, and prepare for your role!

"When we're on the green we all have a character that we portray... You find out a little bit about their background, their history, their family, as much as you can about that character. We read it to the company so that, what happens after a while, you know who the person is --'Fred' or whatever his name is -- but you also know him as 'Ebenezer' or 'Elijah' or the person who they portray. When you do that, it lends a little bit of reality to what's going on in the Green."
-- Wayne McCarthy

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