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The Pill
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Film Credits: The Pill

Produced, Directed & Written by
Chana Gazit

Co-produced & Edited by
David Steward

Hilary Klotz

Music by
Tom Phillips

Narrated by
Blair Brown

Joel Shapiro
Stephen McCarthy

Associate Producer
Amy Brown

Production Coordinator/Researcher
Kristina Cafarella

Archival Research
Christine Shen
Joy Conley
Corrinne Collett

Sound Recordist
Judith Karp

Rachelle Fankhauser

Wally Argo

Assistant Camera
Janice Burgess

Assistant Editor
Joedan Okun

Re-recording Mixer
David Jaunai
Sync Sound

Scott Olive
Tape House

Frank Ferrigno
National Video Center

Graphic Design
Abbey Klotz
Moxi Design

Video Post-Production
Evan Anthony

Audio Post-Production
Tony Slocum
Sync Sound

Archival Film
ABCNews VideoSource
American Archives of the Factual Film
Archive Films/Getty Images
CBC TV News Archives
CBS News Archive
David Steward Media
Fox Movietonews, Inc.
Grinberg Film Libraries, Inc.
Harry Ransom Humanities Center
The ImageBank by Getty Images
MacDonald & Associates.
Joan McCracken
National Archives
NBC News Archives
The Pacific Basin Institute Archive
Streamline Films, Inc.
UCLA Film & Television Archive
Univ. of Pittsburgh/KDKA Collection
Mike Wallace
Worcester Foundation for Biomedical Research

Archival Photos
AP/Wide World Photos
Rachel Sherman Rock Achenbach
Asheville (N.C.) Citizen-Times
Laura Pincus Bernard
Boston Globe
Sylvia Clark
Sophie Dutton
Anita Fream
Dr. Celso-Ramón García
Henry Grossman/TimePix
The Lasker Foundation
Library of Congress
Joan McCracken
Howard University
The MIT Museum
The Museum of the City of New York
Adeline Pendleton-Satterthwaite
John Pincus
Planned Parenthood Federation of America
Ramsey & Muspratt, Ltd.
Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College
Suzanne Szasz/ Photo Researchers, Inc.
Worcester Foundation for Biomedical Research

Special Thanks to
Michael Allen
Eye Candy by Ron Caldwell
Keith & Suzanne Harlow
Mary Ellen Johnson
Patrick Kerwin
Joseph McDonald
Diana Reinhard
Kathy Hammer & Arthur Seelbinder
Michelle Silberman
Maya Steward
John Tosy
UMass Medical School
Worcester Foundation for Biomedical Research

Vintage Cars
Cloud Nine Limousine Service

Kelley A. Trotter

Andrea Tone
James Reed
Carole McCann

Creative Consultant
Paul Taylor

For American Experience

Steward/Gazit Productions, Inc. for American Experience

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