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Web Sites | Books

Time 100 Leaders and Revolutionaries: Margaret Sanger
Selected as one of Time magazine's top 100 leaders and revolutionaries, Margaret Sanger is profiled here in an article by Gloria Steinem. The site also contains the famous photo of Sanger being "gagged" for her revolutionary views and audio from one of Sanger's speeches.

Margaret Sanger Papers Project
The New York University Department of History maintains this treasure trove of information about Margaret Sanger and her writing. The site includes samples of her writing and links to other Web sites that publish her works.

Planned Parenthood: Margaret Sanger Fact Sheet
This web site aims to separate fact from fiction in regard to some of Sanger's more controversial statements and views. The site also provides suggestions for further reading and extensive references.

John Rock's Error
This March 2000 article by The New Yorker writer Malcolm Gladwell explains what the co-inventor of the Pill didn't know about menstruation.

The MIT Museum: Katharine McCormick
The MIT Museum's Web site provides a biography of McCormick with an emphasis on her accomplishments while a student at MIT and her later contributions to the institution.

Chemical Achievers
Read about synthetic steroid pioneers Percy Julian and Carl Djerassi on this Web site produced by the Chemical Heritage Foundation.

You and The Pill
Planned Parenthood delivers information on this Web site about the pros and cons of taking the pill including information on the effectiveness of the Pill, its cost, how it works, side effects and issues surrounding the Pill and breast cancer.

The Pill for Men
Read article summaries on the development of a male pill.

Web Sites | Books

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