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The Alaska Pipeline
Further Reading

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Alyeska Pipeline Service Company: Pipeline Facts
The Alyeska Pipeline Service Company represents a consortium of oil companies that run the Trans-Alaska pipeline. Their site includes news releases, technical papers, data, and pipeline trivia.

Trans-Alaska Pipeline System Renewal Environmental Impact Statement
The Department of the Interior's Bureau of Land Management co-presents this site with Argonne National Laboratory, a Department of Energy research center. Click "Renewal EIS" up top to review a summary of the pipeline's current Environmental Impact Statement, or "TAPS Guide" to explore history, maps, and photos of the pipeline.

Revisiting the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act
Find out more about the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act from this educational site dedicated to Alaska Native history, languages and culture.

Fineberg Research: Alaska Petroleum Information
Richard Fineberg, a former journalist and Alaska state government oil and gas policy advisor who is now a pipeline watchdog, produces this site. The site publishes stories about the economics and environmental aspects of the Alaska pipeline, and reports every leak, spill or mishap.

U.S. Geological Service: Alaska Petroleum Studies Project
Find fact sheets and geological surveys and reports for Alaska's North Slope and Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, from this government web site.

Extreme Oil
The companion Web site to a 2004 PBS program presents information about how oil travels from the ground to the gas pump; key events in science, politics and the environment; and the science behind oil extraction.

American Experience: Building the Alaska Highway
This companion Web site explores another major Alaska construction project: the building of the Alcan highway during World War II. The site offers background information on Alaska Natives, a comprehensive map of Alaska history, a feature exploring how roads are built under Alaska's challenging cold-weather conditions, a virtual road trip, and more.

Web Sites | Books

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