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The American Experience
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The Film & More
Film Credits

Produced by
Julian Krainin
Michael R. Lawrence

Written by
Julian Krainin

Directed by
Michael R. Lawrence

Historical Advisors
Henry Steele Commager
Kent Anderson

Will Lyman

Associate Producer
Johanna T. Lawrence

Julian Krainin

Michael R. Lawrence

Assistant Editor
Greg Mefferd

Sound Recordist
Robert Bragg
Ron Yoshida

Camera Assistant
Robert Pawloski, Jr.
Thomas F. Lappin
Greg Mefferd

Mark Allen
Jim Everett

Dolly Grip
Todd Crockett

Administrator of Krainin Productions
Martha Wineblatt

David Pierce
Marc Sober

Sheila Bragg

Re-Recording Mixer
Nelson Funk

Negative Cutter
Dominick S. Bono

Archival Footage from:
Bob Boden
Cinecor Associates
H.B. Elder
Entertainment Planning Corp.
Sandy Frank Entertainment, Inc.
National Broadcasting Company, Inc.
Mac Donald & Associates
David Miller
Jack Narz
Original Film Video Library
Shokus Video
Joseph Stone
Streamline Film Archives, Inc.
Tempus, Ltd.
UCLA Film and Television Archive

Still Photographs from:
Archive Photos
The Bettmann Archive
Culver Pictures, Inc.
Howard Frank Archives
Globe Photos, Inc.
Henry Grossman
Martha Holmes/ Time Magazine
Robert Kelley, LIFE Magazine
©1958, Time Warner Inc.
Jack Manning/ The New York Times
New York Daily News
New York Post
Petrified Films, Inc.
Ted Russell, LIFE Magazine
©1959, Time Warner Inc.
Walter Sanders, LIFE Magazine
©1959, Time Warner Inc.
Time Magazine
Hank Walker, LIFE
©Time Warner Inc.
Wide World Photos, Inc.
Fred Wostbrock

Still Photographs courtesy of:
Geoffrey Cowan
Reverand Stoney Jackson
Robert Lewine
The Library of Congress
Smithsonian Institution

Special Thanks to:
Charles Van Doren
The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences
Vov Boden, Jules Minton, Steve Carlin
Albert Freedman, Norman Leyden, Jack Davis
Dave Gelman, Fabienne Marsh, Tim Yohn

For The American Experience

On-Air Promotion
Frank Capria
James Dunford

Post Production
Maureen Barden
Raymond Powell

Field Production
Larry LeCain
Bob McCausland
Chas Norton
Tom Doran

Series Designers
Alison Kennedy
Chris Pullman

Title Animation
Lizard Lounge Graphics, Inc.

Online Editor
Mark Steele

Series Theme
Charles Kuskin

Michael Bacon

Christine Larson

Project Administration
Nancy Farrell
Helen R. Russell
Andre Jones

Interactive Media
Rick Groleau
Danielle Dell'Olio

Daphne B. Noyes
Johanna Baker

Coordinating Producer
Susan Mottau

Series Editor
Joseph Tovares

Senior Producer
Mark Samels

Executive Producer
Margaret Drain

A film by Krainin Productions, Inc.
in association with

Krainin Productions, Inc.
WGBH Educational Foundation
©2000 All rights reserved

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