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Black Legislators
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Black Legislators: Further Reading

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Further Reading

Find resources related to black suffrage and political participation on this page, or access a general bibliography for Reconstruction in the State by State section of this site.

Web sites

Pamphlets from the Daniel A.P.Murray Collection, 1818-1907

The Library of Congress's American Memory Web site has a collection of pamphlets documenting nineteenth-century African American perspectives. This group of pamphlets addresses issues of civil rights.

The Barbarous Decision of the United States Supreme Court Declaring the Civil Rights Act Unconstitutional
Part of the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill's Documenting the American South archive, Henry McNeal Turner's The Barbarous Decision of the United States Supreme Court Declaring the Civil Rights Act Unconstitutional and Disrobing the Colored Race of All Civil Protection. The Most Cruel and Inhuman Verdict Against a Loyal People in the History of the World was published in 1893, after the Supreme Court struck the 1875 Civil Rights Act from the books.

America's Reconstruction: Reconstruction Government in the South
The Digital History Web site, a collaboration between the University of Houston, the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History, and other institutions, presents an online version of Eric Foner and Olivia Mahoney's exhibit on Reconstruction. This section describes the first state governments to be elected by black voters, and to include black legislators.


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