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Forty Acres and a Mule
Plantations in Ruins
Black Legislators
Northerners in the South
Access to Learning
Slave to Sharecropper
The Negro Question
In God We Trust
White Men Unite
State by State

Teacher's Guide

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In God We Trust
In God We Trust

Black and white churches, at the centers of their communities, find evidence in their religious beliefs to support both slavery and its abolition.

Primary Sources

The Black Race is Fit for Servitude
A New Orleans minister explains why whites are duty-bound to enslave blacks.

Oh, You Palefaced Hypocrites!
A minister and former slave points out the hypocrisy of slaveowners who call themselves Christians, and of ministers who refuse to preach against slavery.

Special Features
Gallery: Reconstruction-Era Houses of Worship

Gallery: Reconstruction-Era Houses of Worship
Religion shaped many Americans' beliefs during Reconstruction.

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Reconstruction: The Second Civil War
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