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About the Film

Forty Acres and a Mule
Plantations in Ruins
Black Legislators
Northerners in the South
Access to Learning
Slave to Sharecropper
The Negro Question
In God We Trust
White Men Unite
State by State

Teacher's Guide

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White Men Unite
White Men Unite

Faced with the growing threat of African American political, economic and social power, white Southerners put aside their differences to unite. With rough politics and terror they seek to restore their supremacy.

Primary Sources

The First-Class Men of Our Town
A black legislator testifies about the white men who beat him nearly to death.

Proposing Security for the Future
A former Confederate officer explains why he supports Union general Ulysses Grant for president.

With the White People, Right or Wrong
A Louisiana planter tries to justify the murders of government officials in his parish.

Special Features

Q&A: White Southern Responses to Black Emancipation
Historians describe how white Southerners felt about black civil rights, and explain the intent of white supremacist groups.

Further Reading

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