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Further Reading

This page presents a general bibliography for Reconstruction. For books and Web sites related to specific topics including sharecroppers, education, black suffrage and political participation, carpetbaggers, and more, please refer to the Further Reading pages accessible from the topical sections of this site.

Web sites

Library of Congress: African American Odyssey
The Library of Congress's American Memory Web site includes this special exhibit tracing African American history and the quest for full citizenship. It includes a section on Reconstruction that provides links to original documents.

Documenting the American South
The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill's Documenting the American South archive has collected and published online over 1200 sources on Southern history, literature and culture, including dozens of first-person accounts of the Civil War and Reconstruction. A subject index provides useful access to the collection.

America's Reconstruction: People and Politics After the Civil War
The Digital History Web site, a collaboration between the University of Houston, the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History, and other institutions, presents an online version of Eric Foner and Olivia Mahoney's exhibit on Reconstruction.

Africans in America
Companion site to a PBS documentary on America's journey through slavery, this site provides ample primary sources, historian interviews and other resources for learning about slavery from first settlement through the Civil War.

American Experience:John Brown's Holy War
Learn about the man whose violent crusade against slavery would spark the Civil War. The site features virtual tours of locations in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia that are important to Brown's story, and an exploration of the song, "John Brown's Body."

American Experience:The Time of the Lincolns
Explore the long-vanished world of Mary Todd and Abraham Lincoln, including arguments for and against slavery, the economic growth of America in the mid-19th century, women's suffrage, the bloody Civil War, and the partisan politics that divided the nation in two. The site features extensive primary sources, a virtual tour of a slave cabin, and the experiences of a Confederate and a Union soldier as they go to war.

American Experience:Ulysses S. Grant
On this American Experience site, pay a visit to Grant's frontier childhood, fight Confederate forces at Shiloh, read one of the most popular books of the 19th century -- Grant's Personal Memoirs -- and learn about the Union general who became a U.S. president during the eras of Civil War and Reconstruction.

American Experience: Jubilee Singers
This Web site tells the story of a group of young ex-slaves in Reconstruction-era Nashville, Tennessee, who set out on a mission to save their financially troubled school by giving concerts. The site features audio and video clips of the current-day Fisk University Jubilee Singers performing spirituals.


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