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Diana Sodi on: New Technology on the Republic
Diana Sodi Q: Tell me how did she come to know that there was this new technology called wireless on board the ship, the Republic?

DS: She was a very precocious, very curious, very creative little girl from a family who took her out of school every year and traveled all over Europe and had no real education except that came from her own intellectual curiosity. She was traveling with her mother who was a grand dame beautiful woman and her grandmother and her little brother who was the favorite. So my mother was sort of left on her own to snoop around the ships that they traveled on every year.

My mother was an inveterate snooper and I'm sure she was bored being probably one of the few children on board and her little brother certainly she was fed up with so she was poking and snooping around. I think the captain and the steward had sort of steered her around to various places and it just happened as she was passing the cabin where the really very young wireless operator was and he beckoned her in, said do you want to see how this works. So mother was fascinated and I remember her telling me about it. And going in and he showed her the whole thing and she was fascinated.

Q: What did she think of the wireless?

DS: I just remember her being fascinated by the fact that it didn't have any wires, it was called a wireless and it didn't have any wires that she could see. And then I do remember her saying something about lightening either from the Florida or the Baltic, I don't remember which because I think he was one of the last to get off the Republic and it must have sent some kind of lightening effect but I may be wrong on that.

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