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Virginia Utermohlen on: Binns Becoming a Hero
Virginia Utermohlen Q: Suddenly he's a hero. What's going on and what does Binnsy make of it?

VU: Binnsy found himself a hero. This was the biggest surprise and shock of the whole ordeal because he felt he had simply done his duty and he had done the best he could do under the circumstances. To think that people would find this heroic was so astonishing and so incomprehensible really to him. He felt that, you know, everybody should do their duty and he didn't feel it was heroic in the least. So when he was lionized when he arrived in New York and he was this shy, really shy young man from England who had no idea what a ticker tape parade in New York City could be like and what being mobbed--anywhere he went people would mob him and girls would run around trying to kiss him and he was the hero of New York. And to him this was just so ridiculous, really, because he had simply done what he thought he ought to have done. And the fact that people counted this as heroics was something he just couldn't understand. He thought people normally did what they were supposed to do under circumstances like that.

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