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Save Our Ship Game

Early in this century, overseas travel invariably meant sea travel aboard large ships manned by a crew that numbered in the hundreds. In times of disaster, though, the safety of everyone aboard these large passenger ships often relied on one man. A man almost too young, in most cases, even to be considered a man. A man working a relatively low-paying job. This man was, of course, the ship's wireless operator.

Learn On January 23, 1909, the New York-bound "Florida" rammed into the "Republic." Jack Binns, the "Republic's" radio man, sprang to his radio room immediately after the jolt. There he found that the collision had ripped away a wall of the radio shack, leaving it exposed to the cold, damp air. But the ship's radio, thankfully, seemed to be intact, and a quick test showed that it was in working order. Minutes later the ship lost power. Now Binns would have to rely on battery power, which would greatly reduce his transmitter's range.

Jack Binns sent out a distress call, which was promptly replied to by a land station located in Siasconset, Massachusetts, on the island of Nantucket. The station, MSC, would relay the "Republic's" call for assistance. Help would soon be on the way.

Save Our Ship allows you to live through a small portion of Binn's experience. In this interactive feature, it's up to you to tap out the distress call on the radio's key. If you succeed, all lives on board the "Republic" will be rescued.

You've got an important job ahead of you. Get over to that radio room. And good luck!

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